The Real World Andrew Tate
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the real world andrew tate

If you’ve been on social andrew tate new world , you’ve likely heard of the “real world andrew tate” or seen videos on TikTok featuring him. He has racked up millions of followers and has been a frequent guest on podcasts. He has also mingled with far-right politicians and personalities including Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson, according to Facebook photos and his own claims in interviews. Whether or not Tate is a monster guilty of the crimes he’s accused of, his most ardent supporters believe that he is an arbiter of truth standing up against the “matrix” and that it’s their birthright to stand with him.

In a world where women are being denigrated and men are losing their vise-like grip on power, they see him as the savior who will teach them how to reclaim their lost glory. In return, they are urged to invest in his programs, and many have found success.

Unfiltered Wisdom: Andrew Tate’s Guide to the Real World

Tate’s new platform is called The Real World and it follows on from his previous work Hustlers University. It’s similar in that it offers courses on how to make money online. However, unlike HU, TRW teaches you how to use a different business model.

Observers have said that the new platform is reminiscent of a cult. His hypnotic social media videos and extremist ideas raise red flags. His promise that he alone holds the key to escaping the matrix echoes language used by cult leaders. Moreover, the way in which he isolates his followers from normal society mirrors that of a cult.