Rotovac Carpet Cleaning Equipment – A Better Clean With Less Work
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rotovac carpet cleaning

We offer the best quality rotary carpet cleaning equipment, including patented Rotovac Powerwands and high quality portable carpet cleaning machines. Also available are truck mounts, tile and grout cleaning machines and upholstery cleaning machines and chemicals at our guaranteed lowest prices.

A Better Clean With Less Work

Traditionally, rotovac carpet cleaning use a scrub wand that requires a lot of back and forth pushing to get the job done. This can be difficult to keep up with and often results in mediocre or unsatisfactory results. The patented powerwand from rotovac provides a much more efficient way of cleaning carpet. The rotating spray jets attack the carpet from all directions, producing over 1500 multi-directional cleaning passes per minute, resulting in a far superior and deep clean than manual scrub wands.

Revolutionize Your Carpet Cleaning Business with Rotovac: Tips and Tricks

It uses much less water than traditional methods, reducing costs associated with water usage. It is also significantly faster than other methods, allowing the operator to get more rooms cleaned in a shorter period of time.

It is more environmentally friendly than other cleaning methods, utilizing no heat or harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers of the carpet. The rotary jets and suction are gentle on carpet, providing a thorough clean that can even revive heavily soiled and stained carpets, leaving them looking like new.

The rotovac powerwand is also highly versatile and can be used to clean hard surface floors by simply attaching a hard floor brush head (sold separately). It is easy to use, lightweight and incredibly powerful with dual high-torque motors specially built for precision performance without getting tired easily.