Kettlebell Ab Workouts
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Kettlebell ab workouts are a great way to increase body strength and improve cardiovascular health. They’re also great for toning and strengthening your core, which is the foundation of a strong body.

What happens if you do kettlebell everyday?

The kettlebell’s center of mass is below its handle, which means that your core has to work harder to stabilize the weight. This core training can lead to faster improvement in your abdominal muscles and a more toned physique than other abs workouts.

Renegade Rows

This is one of the best kettlebell ab workouts | Strong And Fit for a number of reasons: It’s a plank exercise, which requires a lot of core work to perform, and it uses a kettlebell instead of a dumbbell. Plus, it’s an anti-rotational exercise, which is a type of core workout that is often neglected by people who train with kettlebells.

Full Sit-Ups With A Lighter Kettlebell

This a very effective core torcher for all of your muscles, says Duncan. Lie face-up on the floor with your legs extended outstretched and feet shoulder-width apart, holding a lighter kettlebell in your right hand.

Keep your arms slightly bent, engage your core, and push the kettlebell up diagonally until it’s above your right shoulder. Then, reverse the motion to bring it down by your left hip.

Double Swing with A Heavy Kettlebell

This is a good core workout for all of your muscles, but it especially targets your obliques. Start by standing with feet shoulder-width apart, holding he heavy kettlebell about a foot in front of your feet. Squat down to grab the handle, tip it towards your shins, and swing it back between your legs.