Kauai’s Historic Churches
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Churches on Kauai to a diversity of religious philosophies. It is not uncommon to find a Buddhist temple, Hindu shrine, Taoist sanctuary or Jewish synagogue among the islands. Kauai’s cultural heritage and history is entwined with diverse beliefs and perspectives of connecting with the infinite.

Kauai’s churches are an important part of this rich spiritual heritage. Many of these historic churches are still open to the public and offer a chance to experience a beautiful church service, surrounded by the gorgeous landscapes that Kauai is known for.

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The Church of the Pacific is also a community center for the North Shore. Organizations and individuals can rent the church and its community hall to host classes, potlucks, parties, 12 step groups, musical performances, theatrical presentations, and more. The church is a member of Grace Partnership Hawaii Church Planting Network.

Church of the Pacific also serves as a venue for Kauai’s weddings. This stunning church is a popular choice for brides who want to get married in a place that oozes with historical charm.

The Wai’oli Huiia church and mission house were founded in 1834 by New England Congregational missionaries, Abner and Lucy Wilcox. The church is located on 17 acres in the Waioli Mission District, and is open to the public. You can tour the historic buildings, listen to locals tell their personal stories about their religion, and witness couples exchange their vows amidst a backdrop of Hawaiian beauty.