Is Hustlers University Still Open?
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is hustlers university still open

The controversial social media personality and former kickboxer Andrew Tate is Hustlers University still open? of people into his luxury world, offering them high ROI money-making skills that will help them make millions. He promotes his course through flashy video clips of himself and his family, as well as by encouraging subscribers to share his videos online in exchange for a lucrative affiliate commission. Tate also hosts live events in his home where he talks about his lifestyle and business advice.

The course teaches learners several business models, such as options trading, affiliate marketing, and blogging. Tate encourages learners to work hard and to invest their earnings. He claims that he can teach them to make $1 million a year in two years or less, and he claims that his students have never failed.

Is Hustlers University Still in Session? The Current Status Unveiled

Tate’s teaching style is often controversial and has led to him being banned on multiple platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. In addition, his affiliate program was shut down following a Guardian investigation. Nonetheless, his income has not suffered significantly, as his YouTube channel continues to earn millions of views.

However, a close look at the content found in Hustlers University 2.0 shows that most of the tactics are outdated and can easily be found for free on YouTube. Moreover, most of the “Professors” within HU2.0 are taken from another one of his products that has been out for several years and costs PS4,147 ($5,000) to join – The War Room.