How to Check If Your Email List is Valid
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Check if the Email list is valid is an essential step for keeping your brand’s contact list in tip-top shape. Email addresses degrade over time as people change jobs, delete accounts or even change email providers. This is why it’s best to make email validation a part of your routine and a regular aspect of your marketing strategy.

Checking the validity of an email address is a fast and easy process that can be done using a number of online email verifier tools. These are simple to use and many offer a number of verifications for free before you have to commit to a subscription.

Invalid or non-existent emails are a major source of email bounces, and a high bounce rate can hurt your sender reputation and cause your messages to be marked as spam, preventing them from reaching your audience. Email verification weeds out these types of addresses, so your campaigns will be more successful and your deliverability score will improve.

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When importing a new list of contacts to your ESP, it’s always a good idea to run a quick verification before you start your cold outreach campaign. This will ensure that all of your campaigns are targeting real, active email addresses, and not invalid ones, which will result in higher engagement rates and better sender reputation scores.

In order to verify an email address, simply input the email into your chosen email verifier tool and click the “Check” button. The service will then run a series of checks to see if the email address exists, is valid, and accepts incoming emails from other users.