French Drain Installation Dallas
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If you have drainage issues in your yard that lead to flooding, soil erosion or foundation damage, a french drain can help. These are shallow trenches filled with filter-protected gravel containing perforated pipes that divert surface and ground water away from house foundations.

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They prevent water from seeping beneath the slab and pier-and-beam foundations that cause yard flooding, basement leaks and other problems. The water is routed into storm sewers or catchments, where it cannot do more damage.

A well-installed french drain installation dallas can also reroute ground water into garden areas or other landscape features, where it will be beneficial to plants and lawns. It can even help reduce weed growth and save on lawn irrigation costs.

The main drawback of exterior French drains is the disruption caused by digging the trenches. This will require removing most of the landscaping, including bushes, flowers and trees. Some may be saved with a bit of creative gardening, but the majority will be gone.

Another disadvantage is the cost of installing an exterior drain system. This can be expensive, especially if the landscaper must use an excavator to dig the trench. It’s also important for contractors to call 811 before starting any digging project so they can find and mark underground utility lines.

If you’re concerned about drainage in your yard, contact a local french drain installation dallas to discuss your options. They can evaluate your current yard and drainage problem and offer a free estimate.