Entrepreneur Looking to Make Money in the Medical Marijuana Industry
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There are a number of entrepreneurs who are looking to make money in the medical marijuana industry. George Scorsis is one such entrepreneur. The former executive at Liberty Health Sciences Inc., he has worked for many cannabis businesses, and is now the executive chairman of Entourage Health. His efforts are aimed at helping patients overcome medical conditions. He is the CEO of WeedMD, and he also oversees operations for Starseed in Ontario.

What Is Your Goal For The Greater Good Of Cannabis?

medical marijuana industry

In addition to being involved in several businesses, George scorsis Florida business community. He has donated to nonprofit organizations and has been a strong advocate for public health. He also works to promote the medical marijuana industry in Florida. However, the government is still wary about the safety of cannabis, which he believes should be legalized. As a result, George Scorsis is committed to making the industry as safe as possible for patients.

George Scorsis, a businessman with experience in e-commerce, has been involved in the Florida medical marijuana industry. He also has a passion for helping people. His company, titled WeedMD, has a mission statement that says it’s “to provide solutions for difficult challenges.” Despite his successful career, he remains a proponent of the medical marijuana industry. And he is an avid supporter of cannabis and the medical community in Florida.