Cataract Eye Drops Australia
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cataract eye drops Australia are a common eye condition that affect many people in Australia. It occurs when a clear lens in your eye becomes cloudy, reducing your vision and making it difficult to see.

Cataract is a natural part of the ageing process but it can be increased by lifestyle factors such as smoking, long term exposure to UV light and diabetes or by some medications including steroids. A cataract can only be removed with surgery, usually performed under local anaesthetic.

Cataract Eye Drops in Australia

Your GP or an optometrist will diagnose cataracts using a simple examination of your eyes. This includes checking your vision and using a chart to measure how well you can read letters or numbers.

After cataract surgery your doctor will prescribe a medication to help with recovery and also prevent any opportunistic eye infections. This will include a series of medicated eye drops that you need to use daily for around four weeks or until the bottle is empty.

One of the most commonly used eye drop medications is a topical antibiotic called Chlorsig. It contains the antibiotic chloramphenicol which is useful in preventing bacterial infections but does not reduce itching, redness or swelling that can accompany cataracts.

Scientists are working on developing a medication that can be added to the eye drop formulation to help treat cataracts. These compounds have shown promising results in animal studies, but more research is needed to see if they are safe and effective in humans. It is unlikely that any eye drops will replace cataract surgery as the standard treatment, but they could be used in combination or even to prevent cataracts developing in some people.