The Flag Shop in Orlando, Florida, Offers a Wide Selection of Flags


When you’re looking to add some pizazz to your business, there are few tools more effective than a colorful custom flag. These large, weather-resistant banners or pennants catch the eye of people passing by and instantly identify your location. They’re available in a variety of shapes, sizes and mounting styles for versatility.

The Flag Store Near Me in Orlando, Florida, is a family-owned, independent store that’s known throughout the area as the “flag shop.” As soon as you walk in, owner Cheryl Alonso is quick to start a conversation with customers and make everyone feel welcome.

A flag is more than a decoration; it represents your connection to your homeland and nation. Whether you’re showing your patriotism at a sporting event or decorating for an international holiday, the right flag can make a big impact on your audience. You can find a wide range of US flag designs, including all state flags, decorative sports flags, novelty flags and custom flags.

Hoist Your Colors: Tips and Tricks for Proper Flag Display Courtesy of the Flag Shop

We also have a huge selection of European flags, all EU nations plus non-EU countries including France, Germany, and Spain. We have a great range of embroidered and woven flags and bunting to celebrate the nations and regions of the world.

Flags are one of the most affordable forms of business signage, and they can last years when treated properly. Choose premium materials like reinforced polyester and vivid UV-resistant inks to avoid shredding in high winds or fading under the sun. The most effective flags feature key branding elements that stand out from the competition, like your name, logo, slogan or tagline. Position them strategically to capture the attention of pedestrians and motorists. Pole-mounted flags work well along sidewalks and parking lots, while wall mounted options are perfect for displaying near the doorway of your business.