Bulk Malicious URL Scanner Using Machine Learning Models to Detect Malicious URLs

bulk malicious URL scannerA bulk malicious URL scanner is an online tool that analyzes and classifies URLs that lead to potentially dangerous websites. This is a key component of an effective defence in-depth strategy that enables businesses to quickly identify and block harmful cyber threats before they cause damage. It also helps organizations to keep their employees safe from phishing attacks, spamming, malware infections and other types of social engineering attacks that aim at stealing user information such as credentials or financial details. Source:click here

Unlike symbolic AI, which relies on defining a set of rules or patterns that characterize malicious URLs, machine learning models have more flexibility and adaptability to the dynamic nature of evolving threats. The use of instance selection methods for hyperparameter tuning accelerated model training, facilitated pattern detection and improved performance.

Guarding Your Cyber Gates: The Importance of Bulk Malicious URL Scanners

Lexical features were extracted from the original URL name in order to identify its malicious nature. These features are based on the idea that many obfuscation techniques make malicious URLs look more benign by changing or adding a few characters to their original names.

The lexical features are combined with the results from blacklists and other features to identify the malicious nature of the URLs. The combination of these models was found to be more robust in identifying malicious URLs than single-class classification methods alone. The result of this approach was a highly accurate classification model with minimal false positives. This model was tested on a large dataset to determine its effectiveness in detecting phishing and malware attacks.